Zen Cleanse Review


I have always had issues in detoxification. Although, it is a natural process but for me, the natural process is not enough because I eat out so much and lead a very unhealthy life. Most times, I am in my office and seldom get out to get some sleep. So, because of the unhealthy colon problems that ensued due to my unhealthy lifestyle, I began Zen Cleanse. Find out here how it has helped me so well.

What is it?

Zen Cleanse is a colon cleansing formula that maintains the health and cleanliness of the colon by prevention of bacterial or other microbial/parasitical attacks and waste accumulation. It also claims to assist in weight management with improved bowel function.


The official website doesn’t state any exact ingredients but claims that this is a natural formula.

Does Zen CleanseWork?

The product is a natural formula which boosts natural removal of waste and toxins and prevention from anti-parasitical ingredients sticking inside the colon. By improving mobility of the gastrointestinal walls, it throws out waste timely.

Is it the Right Formula for you?

If you have any of these below listed issues then surely, it is the right formula for you.

  1. Poor digestion
  2. Low or nil nutrient absorption
  3. Sudden headaches
  4. Surplus mood swings
  5. Excessive much fatigue
  6. Digestive problems and colon issues
  7. Weight gain (sudden)
  8. Metallic taste buds
  9. Decreased immunity
  10. Need for detoxification

How to use?

The capsules have to be taken orally and the user can bring in dietary or lifestyle changes as per his/her preference. But they are not mandatory.

Should you get this?

I used this colon cleanser
for the first time about 2 months back. I am still taking it regularly and have had positive results by using it. I managed to reduce 16lbs weight within this time and also, my abdomen is not protruding now. I don’t get flatulence or constipation anymore and I don’t feel bloated after eating out or having fast food. There are no fecal inconsistency issues either and I actually feel positive and healthier. With such good results, I would say sure.


  1. It is absolutely free of any side effects
  2. There are no chemical, additives or fillers-binders used
  3. It is quite convenient, prevents any exercise-diet issue for weight loss and detoxification
  4. Fast, healthy and quite affordable
  5. Certified manufacturing unit, secure and safe packaging


  1. No information on exact ingredients available

Where to Buy?

Zen Cleanse can be purchased via an online order which can be made through the product’s official website.